Kirk McDougall on his honeymoon

Kirk KD McDougall
Speculative Fiction Author

Old MacDonald's Server Farm

A Poem that is free to read

My New Laptop

A Drabble that is free to read

Circle of Magic

Available on Kindle Unlimited

Including 5 Drabbles
by KD McDougall

Five Star Service

Nothing But the Tooth

Second Degree Burns

Strange Fine Print

Wendy Wizard

Including 5 Drabbles
by Angelle McDougall

Buzz Off

Recipe for Disaster

The Pen

Wishing Well


Three Supers Walk Into a Bar

$$ Big Bucks $$

Including a Flash Fiction Story
Written by KD McDougall

Three Supers Walk Into a Bar

And Two Poems by Angelle McDougall

Last Time



Kirk sits on his balcony alongside his partner, The Poet, tapping out tales of future, alternate, and magical realities. When it gets dark, they gaze at the stars.

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